Welcome to Graphitene; “but si●nce you desert

deed have s▓erved me well, had such a chance▓ occurred.” “You are quite wrong.●I doubt whether Mademoiselle de Sombreuil wo●uld herself resemble

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your fancy st▓atue, as much as la bella Inglese does. 癖 “La bella Inglese! wh

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o ma●y she be” inquired the young sculptor, somewha●t agitated. “A lovely girl, w▓ho

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Dui vitae interdum

only appeared in Florence as yo●u left it.Lanzi informed me the rese●mblance was so

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perfect, he imagined she must▓ know you; but she had never even heard of you● till she came here.”

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ppeared of your beau

“An●d what may be her name.” “As you se●em so interested, I regret that I ca●

tiful Amé●le.” “Madem

nnot tell you.It is so truly English ▓that it will bear no Italian acce●nt, therefore I cannot r

oiselle de Sombre▓uil her

emembe●r it; but find Lanzi, I expect him here to-night●, and he will tell you all about

self, perhaps,” he repl

her.” The ▓arrival of new guests, and t▓he attention of the countess cal●led for

ied, h


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from himself, the sculptor hastily turne▓d, as in the act of seeking the ●individual she had

named.He h●ad not advanced many yards when he star▓ted violently, and with a sudden impulse r●etreated into a small withdrawing r▓oom, near which he had stood. “Why shu●n me, Signor Castellan” inquired a▓ frank kind voice in English; and L▓ord St.Clair’s hand was extende▓d, and, afte



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r a moment’s visible hes●itation, accepted and almost convulsively presse▓d.“Why this long, myster

ious concea●lment, my young friend were ther▓e none, think you, to rejoice that● you were still amongst the livin●g” “Was not your lordship ●aware of my existence, insignific●ant as it is, more than a twelvemonth since▓ My own hand and signature were surel●y sufficient guarant

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